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Sample Financial Plan

When did you last make a major purchase sight unseen? You most likely haven’t. It would be incredibly risky to buy a car without driving it first, or put an offer on a home you haven’t walked through. So why should you pay for a financial plan without knowing what to expect? Click here to view a PDF of our Sample Financial Plan.

We use an industry leading Financial Planning Software through Right Capital. The software can help create a plan for specific financial goals as well as provide detailed cash flow analysis. Here are just some benefits of using the software.

  • Monte Carlo Simulations – We can build in market stress tests and look at “what if” scenarios.
  • Help manage Tax Liability – The software prepares a detailed 1040 projection including Schedule A, B and D.
  • Income planning – We can look at different drawdown strategies, Roth conversion analysis and factor in other income streams like pensions, rental income and other sources.
  • Optimize Social Security – We can review different claiming strategies to optimize the benefit amount over your lifetime.
  • Debt Analysis – We can look at different payoff scenarios to determine impacts by paying off debt sooner.

Financial plans can address a myriad of concerns and goals, from college planning to retirement income strategizing. Depending on your needs, your plan may focus on one overarching element or multiple goals you’d like to achieve over time. Whatever you choose to focus on, your financial plan will provide a sense of understanding of where you stand financially and where you need to go in order to meet your goals.

The result is a simple yet powerful road map to help our clients provide meaning to all the various parts of their financial life, create a sense of peace, and reduce stress. Our holistic process helps ensure our strategies are tailored to your needs as we implement and manage them for years to come. As your advocate, we strive to advance your best interests, enhance your understanding, and navigate you towards a stronger financial future.

In addition to this sample plan I can create a customized written plan document with guidance on your retirement and investment plan. This written plan looks at a client’s overall financial plan customized to your specific goals which can include comments on existing investment strategies, cash flow and budgeting, education planning, estate planning, insurance planning and more.

View Sample Financial Plan

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