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Evergreen Blog

What To Do With An Old 401K Thumbnail

What To Do With An Old 401K

Switching jobs is an exciting time, but it’s important you don’t forget about the 401(K) you’ve been paying into at your old job. Your 401(K) is your retirement nest egg. When managed correctly, it’s also one of the best ways to save - and potentially withdraw - money tax-free. You have a number of options regarding what you do with the 401(K) you were paying into at your old job. Each has its own pros and cons that may or may not be related to you depending on your individual circumstances.

Case Studies: How We’ve Helped Clients Thumbnail

Case Studies: How We’ve Helped Clients

At Evergreen Wealth Management, we specialize in finding opportunities to add value to our clients’ lives. From helping them realize the goal of retiring early or buying a new home to simply saving money on insurance or adjusting the asset allocation of their portfolio, we believe that proactive and personalized financial planning and investment management can make a significant impact on their future.

Social Security Thumbnail

Social Security

Have these questions ever crossed your mind? If so, you aren’t alone. Despite the fact that Social Security covers 96% of workers in the U.S. and the majority of retirees get more than half of their income from Social Security, many people make incorrect assumptions or find themselves intimidated by the myriad of details.

Our Fees And How We Work Thumbnail

Our Fees And How We Work

Not only can talking about money be uncomfortable, but the intricacies of how financial advisors work can seem overly complicated. This is likely one of the reasons why investors are confused by wealth management fees but don’t ask for clarification or details. But regardless of the complexities and awkwardness, it’s essential to understand what you’re paying and how these fees impact your investments’ net performance.

See A Sample Financial Plan  Thumbnail

See A Sample Financial Plan

When’s the last time you purchased something without seeing it first or knowing what to expect? You most likely haven’t. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, nor would you buy a home with having an inspection done. So why should you pay for a financial plan without knowing what to expect?

You Can Now Make An Appointment Online! Thumbnail

You Can Now Make An Appointment Online!

It would be an understatement to say that many of us live fairly fast-paced lives. Our families and careers require much of our attention, and by the time we get a chance to relax we hardly feel like turning to our to-do lists. But there is one to-do that shouldn’t be ignored, and that’s creating a plan for your money.

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