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Investment Management

There are several steps in the investment management process.

  • Determine the proper mix of asset classes. Carefully select the proper mix of domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, alternative investments and cash. The correct mix can be different for each type of account you have depending on what the goal, time frame and risk tolerance may be.
  • Investment Category – Once selecting the correct mix of asset class, the next step is to pick the category of investments in each class. What type of investments should you hold in each category? What is the correct mix of large, mid and small cap stocks? What is the proper balance of investment grade vs. high yield bonds?
  • Choosing Investments- Do you have a preference on actively managed investment strategies or a low cost index or etf investment approach? We will have a discussion to understand exactly what you prefer and work within a open architecture investment platform to build an investment strategy tailored to you.
  • Ongoing Reviews of the portfolio – Markets can change quickly. Having a structured process in place is a important element to the long term success of a portfolio.
  • Rebalancing – As you goals, needs, and risk tolerance may change, rebalancing is an essential part of the process. Investment allocation can change over time as investment managers may over or underweight different categories. Regularly rebalancing is essential to keep investment allocations in line with investment goals.
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